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Useful appliances in a small camper

We bought lots of different things before we left in an effort to make life in a small space easier. Now that we’ve been here a month, it’s easy to see what is worth it’s space.

Most of the stuff we purchased was for the kitchen.

A toaster oven. I’ve never used one of these before but the camper we were going to use didn’t have an oven. Even though this one DOES, we find it easier to use this. It comes out almost daily and we use it to rehear leftovers. I make cookies a LOT thanks to refridgerated dough. All things considered, if you have room and are traveling long term, bring it.

An electric frying pan. We use this a lot also. Still getting used to the fact that it cycles. Again, this isn’t something that I use at home, so I don’t know if they all do that or not. I’ve found that it DOES get hot enough to boil noodles in almost the same amount of time. Over easy eggs are tough to do. Otherwise, this is pretty useful for long-term living, too.

An electric water kettle. Priceless! We bought it to give Dagny baths here in the camper, but use it for dishes and oatmeal, too. I think I would pack one for short trips, too, especially if you need your morning coffee.

A 4 quart crockpot. I have a HUGE one (6 qt.) at home but this one has a smaller footprint. I think I’ve only used it twice but I think once I get in the groove, I’ll use it more. I have a few recipes that I want to make soon that are easiest in that. I could take it or leave it.

Wish list. Well, maybe.

Microwave. I have mixed thoughts in this one. Having one would make the toaster oven less useful. But it’s easier to find containers to heat things up in. And more convenience foods are made for it. And it won’t make the camper hotter.

A grill. Propane, charcoal, whatever. It can probably make abetted burger & again, won’t make the camper hotter because you use it outside.


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