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Furniture Purge

Last week we had a viewing on our house and found out we were on the short list. YIKES!!! It’s great because It means that we have an attractive, well-priced house. But it ALSO means that I have to get my butt in gear and get ready to move. So on Friday AM, I started listing furniture that we didn’t need and know we aren’t moving. I listed 13 small items and ended up selling nearly everything I wanted gone. I really should have taken pics but essentially the whole downstairs is empty now.

We sold 5 bookshelves, a tv, an end table, a vanity/makeup table, 2 couches, 2 wingback recliners, and some little stuff. Three of the bookshelves, the end table, none of the couches, nor the recliners were listed…people just found out we were moving and asked what else we were selling. I sold a few more items over the weekend. But Friday, man, it was a flurry of wheelin’ & dealin’!

I was so full of adreniline (and cash–now tucked safely in the bank) that I started listing other smaller stuff. I will feel much better about taking remnants to goodwill now that I’ve gotten over $500 for our stuff. I didn’t think that was possible–we consider all our furniture junk. But $10 here and $200 there (our tv), well, it adds up.

Anyway, I am now addicted to Craigslist. What about you? Have you considered thining your “essential” furniture? Try thinking about what you would take if you had to pack it all up to move across country or would replace after a fire. Let us know your thoughts!


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