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Packing – Linens & Bath

Between today and yesterday, I finished the Bed & Bath portion of my list.   This includes linens and bathroom toiletry items.   I never realized how much of that kind of junk I use until I started to pack it all up.   I packed more than I needed in toiletries, I think, but all that stuff is really expensive and I don’t want to have to buy another if I’m wrong.

The linens:


The full linen portion of the original list is here:

  • Mattress Topper
  • Heated Blanket & Cord
  • Afghans (4-5)
  • Comforter (old king)
  • Sheets – 2 sets Queen
  • Pillowcases (4 – King)
  • Pillows (2 – King)
  • Square Pillow (for nursing, napping)
  • Beach Towel/Blanket for Family
  • Beach Towels (2-3)
  • Rugs – 2
  • Towels – 6 adult, 2 child
  • Hand towels – 2

The plan is for these to go under the bed in the linen storage unit, except for the mattress pad which I think I’m going to put on the bed to try to get it to flatten out and air out (if possible while the unit is closed) before we get there.   I hear they have a chemical smell to them.   The pillows (large and small) normally go on our bed so we will pack those in the back of the van and use then on the way down.

The bath items got substantially increased as I was cleaning and purging in preparation for finding everything that I needed to pack.

The visual:


The original list:

  • Shower bag
  • Shower flip flops – buy on arrival –can’t find here in winter
  • Toothbrush charger + 2nd toothbrush
  • Toothbrushes in travel case
  • Toothpaste
  • First Aid Kit
  • Brush
  • Mirror (hand-held)
  • Sunscreen (adult & baby)


  • Bath poufies – 2
  • Electric wet/dry razor w/charger
  • Bite splint & retainer
  • Mouthwash
  • Anti-persperant
  • Travel blow dryer
  • Body Wash – 2
  • Shampoo (both)
  • Face Wash (both)
  • Moisturizer
  • Make-up (new stuff-basics)
  • Make-up brush kit
  • Make-up remover
  • Body Spritz – 1
  • Lotion – 1
  • Nail Care Kit
  • Hair ties, clips, etc.


  • Hair cutting kit
  • Electric wet/dry razor w/charger
  • Shampoo
  • Soap (3 bars)
  • Deodorant (2)


  • Baby All-Over Body Wash
  • Disposable washcloths
  • Baby cloth washcloths
  • Baby care kit

As for the bath items, there are several things I added as I was cleaning & purging.   They include:

  • comb/pick
  • bug itch creme
  • denture cleaning tablets (for my bite splint)
  • special floss (for my wire-leftover from the braces)
  • mousse
  • pads (someday I will resume being a bloodletting female)
  • pantyliners
  • wet ones (I found a box in the cabinet that need to be used up)
  • cotton balls
  • floss
  • ear thermometer

There are also a few things not pictured:

  • no shower bag — couldn’t find one
  • toothbrush charger (pack before we leave)
  • toothbrushes (ditto)
  • toothpaste (ditto)
  • bath poofies — don’t have any left — will buy when I get there
  • bite splint & container (pack before we leave)
  • dad’s razors/beard trimmers
  • dad’s shampoo
  • baby washcloths (in with linens)

What a huge massive pile of stuff!    I fit most of it into a medium sized duffel that I used to take to the gym.    I still have a fair amount of stuff that will have to go into another (smaller!) bag.    This we will pack in the ski rack over the car.   Hopefully, we will be out of the frozen tundra before it all freezes and it’s not so hot when we get further south that they all explode.

More exploits to come, including baby stuff, clothes, and the office (all almost done)…


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