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Meijer Trip

Well, I thought Marathon was a holy Grail of shopping. Nope, not even close! I only had to look at the meijers ad for 10 minutes on the drive home to see how expensive it was. I had no idea!!!

Because I was just trying to get some perishable/freezeables in the house, I didn’t do any coupons.

I bought:
Bananas – $0.59/lb. – $1.26

Canned peas – $0.84 each
Dill relish – $1.69
Ketchup – $2.69
Dressing – $2.99
Miracle whip – $3.39

Milk – quart – $1.39
Cream cheese – $2.09
Butter – $2.59
Eggs (24) – $2.83
Goats milk – $3.99 (quart!)

Carrots – 3 lb. – $2.19
Onions – 5 lb. – $2.00

Donuts – $2.19 (4)
Cider – $4.49 (gal)
Cookie dough bucket (to make house smell good so it sells!)- $4.59

Hashbowns (2) – $2.49 each

Chuck Roast – $2.19/lb (~6 lbs)
Chicken breast – $1.99/lb (~10 lbs)

Bread – $2.29

Potatoes – 10 lbs – $2.99
Salad mix – 2/$4
Barilla plus elbows – 3/$4
Yeast – $4.99
Tater tots – 2/$5
Mac & cheese – 10/$5
Fish sticks – 2/$6
Shredded cheese – 4/$6
Better made BBQ chips – 2/$6

Spent – $130.18
Savings – $27.75 (17.5%)

Since I also went to Walmart and stocked up on canned goods before we realized we were coming home, I am FULLY stocked. I’m hoping not to have to buy much over the rest of the month — except corned beef & cabbage. Go pressure cooker!!!!


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It’s Official

We decided this morning that we would list the house for sale. I am mentally going through my house, trying to decide what to keep and what to sell. Knowing that we are moving from a 2200 sq. ft. house and are/will be living in a 21 ft trailer makes it hard. How will we store what little we DO keep down here?

I suppose we could buy a trailer like we’ve always wanted for Rendezvous and store all the keepers in there. I don’t think there is a lot we would bring. Living in this camper has made me appreciate simple living. Giving up all my books would be the toughest, though. I think I could pare down quite a bit though. We would probably have to spend a month up north packing & having a yard sale. A huge one! Everything must go and all that. Selling everything we have could probably bring in a few hundred if not a grand. That would be helpful.

So if you want anything that probably has no sentimental value, make me an offer :). I’m making up lists now…

By the way, if you’re in the market for a BRAND SPANKIN NEW house in picturesque Northern Michigan, take a peek at our Craigslist listing!

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