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Ultimate Blog Party 09

Welcome to Simplicity–Small and Cheap.    I’m Jen and this blog was originally started in December when we decided to pack ourselves into a small pop-up camper and open a branch of my husband’s business in The Keys.   We returned about a month ago (we felt bad confining our 12 month old to such a small space when she is so active) but have decided that after living in a camper, Living SIMPLY is really what we want to do.   I’m continuing the blog as I journey through my stuff.

We are selling our 2200 square foot home (mansion?) and paring down to what we really love/use thanks to CraigsList.  Our ultimate goal is to buy a trailer for our camping stuff and be able to fit everything we own in it so we can move at will.   We have always loved to travel and it’s not practical to do a lot of that with our daughter.   Moving every so often?   That seems like something we would like to do.

So welcome to my site.   I don’t have a hard schedule, but I try to have a post up every other day if not daily.

Monday – Menu Plan Monday – what I’m cooking this week.   With a recipe, if there is one.

Tuesday – Grocery Trip

Wednesday – whatever come to mind – right now it’s all about the purging & selling saga.

Thursday – Coupon Craziness – Walgreens & Meijer’s are my big deals right now.   Boy do I miss not being in CVS country!

Friday – Frugal Friday — not all Friday’s.  I think I ran out of ideas in February :).    I hope to be starting a series about Your Money or Your Life soon.    Stay tuned!

So hang out, browse around and join the Ultimate Blog Party 09 hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom.

There are tons of awesome prizes for hanging out too!

My personal preferences?   19 (offered by Shoot-Me-Now), 21(offered by Agoosa), 22 (offered by Beginner Baby Blog), 91, 118, 123, 26, USC56, INTL3, INTL61 and USC 15 –I love gift cards!.   I also really liked 119, 28, 58, 103 and 127.   Well, what are you waiting for?   Check them out!


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