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For Simplicities Sake…

…I am moving the content of this blog (and all my other’s) to my primary blog.   If you are, by some miracle subscribing or reading on a regular basis, please update the location to



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On our way home…

For those of you who’ve been to this site before, the sticky post explaining our journey is gone.   We are currently on our way home.   As I write this we are in Corbin, KY and are done for the day after driving 14 hours.

I will be continuing to write about frugality and cooking, as well as our journey to simplicity.   We are keeping our house up for sale and are drastically scaling back our possessions so that we are free to move wherever and whenever, quickly and easily.

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Al’s Adventure

I filnally found out where Al’s part of the adventure is located:

This is where Al is detailing his saga about leaving Michigan and starting an office in the keys.


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My husband & I are embarking on an adventure.   His adventure?   Stepping out of his childhood home to try to open another office for his business,    My adventure?  Making home in a Palamino pop-up camper with no toilet,  shower, fridge or iron with an 11 month old who just learned to walk.

This will be the story of MY end of the adventures, including living simple and cooking cheap.   My hope is that this will help families on a budget as well as those who just want camping tips for smaller campers.

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