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Coupon Craziness 10

This week was one of those weeks where a deal at Walgreens was so good, I went out of my way to do it. A lot. I made 3 trips Tuesday alone.


I got:
2 trial sized Johnson body washes – $0.99 – $1/1 Q = FREE
4 edge shave gels – $2.99 – $3RR = FREE
4 Chapstick’s – $1.99 – $2RR = FREE

2 Russell Stover Easter Bunnies – 2/$3

And a Physicians Formula Organic bronzer & blush combo with free lip gloss – $13.99 – $1/1Q – $10EasySaver rebate = $2.99 — well less than that because I get a 10% premium for getting a Walgreens card instead of a check.

Total Regular Price of all transactions:   $49.07

Total Sale Price of all transactions:   $38.89

Less Coupons Used:  $2.98

Total OOP:  $35.91

Less MIR:  $10.00

Less RR earned:  $20.00

Total cost for all 4 trips:  $5.91

Savings – 88%!!!

As always, I could have done something differently but my thoughts are always just to scattered.   If I had been thinking, I would have bought shave gel & chapstick, producing $5 RR between the two and rolled that into the makeup for the next transaction.   I also could have split the shave gel & chapstick from the bunnies and rolled $3 RR into that.   But I didn’t really have the time.   I’m pretty sure that they shouldn’t have been rolled to buy the same thing and frankly didn’t feel like taking the chance that a coupon wouldn’t produce when using the coupon in the transaction.

I also determined that if you aren’t dedicated to playing the Walgreens game regularly, you shouldn’t bother.   I found an expired $10RR from the huggies deal last month.   If I’d found it a few days earlier, I’d have been okay.  Sigh.

How did you do?    Any fun deals or freebies?    Share in the comments!!


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