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100 things – me

NOTE — I wrote this prior to leaving the camper (Feb. 2009).  Once I noticed this, it became the catalyst for all the purging that I’ve been doing!

A while back I had read about the guy who decided to live with only 100 things. I read about him 3rd hand via productivity and simple living blogs. After packing, I wondered how close we got.

In explaining this to my husband, he asked lots of questions about the spirit of the challenge that I couldn’t answer. So I looked him up and actually found him relatively easily (online, not in real life). Essentially, he didn’t include communal property and certain things HAD to be lumped as one. Underwear, for example, and his library as another. Man after my own heart :). That was the hardest part–picking which books to bring. And I’ve already bought a handful since I’ve gotten here, but I digress.

Anyway, here is my list of things that I brought for ME and me alone.

1. library 🙂
2. underwear & socks
3. yarn
4. crochet hooks
5. notebooks/journals
6. pens
7. post it notes
8-15. pjs – 6 pr. In various weights and forms
16-19. pants – 4 pr.
20-23. capris – 2 pr. + 2 pr. (reg & exercise)
24-26. shorts – 3 pr.
27-31. tshirts – 5
32-35. tank tops – 4?
36-39. camisoles – 4
40-44. long sleeved shirts – 5?
45-47. jackets/coats – 3
48. skirt
49. 3 piece suit
50. makeup, brushes & toiletries
51-60. My DVDs – maybe 10 that were MY favorite.
61. Computer #1 with accompaning junk
62. Computer #2 with accompaning junk
63. Exercise equipment – 2 bungies & running shoes
64. iPod
65-69. shoes – 4 pr. Including my aquasocks, not including my running shoes which I’ve lumped as exercise equipment.
70. Scissors
71. CDs of PT CEUs (if it’s not fun does it count?)
72. Bathing suit.
73. Purse

Actually, that’s not so bad. I’ve even counted most of my clothing individually. I wonder how we did on communal property? I bet Dagny’s stuff is way over and dads is WAY under.

How about you?   How have you benefited from paring down your stuff?   Let us know in the comments!


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