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Coupon Craziness 7

This is kind of an ANTI-coupon post.   I went to submit my Walgreens rebates and two of my receipts are unable to be verified so they want ALL my receipts or I forfeit the two receipts that they can’t (won’t?) verify.    The two they can’t verify are worth $15.00 to me.     So much for my lip gloss and chocolate deals.    I think I can still return the lipgloss when I get up north though.   I do have that receipt and I haven’t opened it yet.

I also lost out on my Publix deal.    We’ve hit out patience limit of living in the camper in a boat yard and are on our way back to the great white north.   We decided this on Sunday and by Monday noon we were packed and we left for Ft. Myers to store the camper Tuesday AM.    So not only do I not get to use my $10 Publix gift card that will be coming (I’ll have to send it to my MIL), but I had to leave them all (and most of the rest of my fridge/freezer stash) because it’s not practical to bring them all up north in our TINY cooler.

Sigh.   I won’t be able to do my normal shopping this week as we are driving and should return home tonight.    Tomorrow we’ll be settling in and I’ll have to buy some groceries then…we emptied and unplugged the fridge when we left.    I’m leaving CVS-land for Rite Aid and Publix from Meijer.    I’ll have to work a little harder to make my dollar go farther.   Also, in light of the whole HFCS thing, we are eliminating high fructose corn syrup from our diets.   Even if the research is faulty, it’s been something DH has kind of wanted to do anyway, so we’re adding HFCS to MSG/hydrolated x protein on our chemical non-grata list.   I’m going to keep a list of acceptable foods/varieties from major manufacturers (mostly stuff that coupons are found on) either on this page or my other site.

So anyway, this is my (ANTI) coupon update for the week.


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