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Menu Plan Monday


We had to take an impromptu trip to Ft. Myers again as we were kicked out of our home due to toxic paint dust.   Long story, but we STILL didn’t get the pizza or the hamburgers cooked on our menu.

This week, I think we’ll be eating:

Breakfasts – instant oatmeal, bagels w/cream cheese, or cereal.  Fruit.

Lunches – PB&J or Tuna fish sandwiches.   Fruit.


  • Monday – homemade Pizza with Pepperoni & Green Olives — I have some yellow peppers and onions in the freezer I may use, too.
  • Tuesday – hamburgers, baked beans, chips
  • Wednesday – Ditto Tuesday.
  • Thursday – “Stir-Fry”.   I have 2 boxes of steamer veggies, yellow peppers, and onions in the freezer.  I just bought some canned chicken that I can throw in and I have some rice that I can put this all on top of.
  • Friday – fish sticks, tater tots and corn
  • Saturday – Modified sausage and lentil stew?   I have some hot italian sausage in my freezer that would really give this some flavor.   I’m only so-so about lentils.
  • Sunday – fried chicken, LO baked beans, chips.

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