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For my lenten sacrifice, instead of giving up a food item (though I probably should), I’m going to curtail my bargain hunting.   It has become all-consuming and a time-waster all week long, checking for something I may have missed.   SOOOO my coupon and grocery posts are going to be fewer because, HOPEFULLY, I will spend less time dinking around :).

And now for the details.

Not much on coupon + sale for me this week other than the Pillsbury deal I already wrote about here.    We were out of town this weekend so I didn’t bother to buy much before we left in case the fridge died or something while we were gone.   I also didn’t want the meat to go bad.

I went first thing in the AM to get staples for lunch:

Milk – 1 qt – $1.59

Bananas – 1.4 lbs – $$0.97 ($0.69/lb.)

Peter Pan PB – $3.99

Cream Cheese – $1.85

Bread – $3.69 – $0.55 peelie = $3.14

Total Spent – $12.09

Total Coupons – $0.55

Total OOP – $11.54

Savings – 4%

Trip Two was to get what I needed for the week.   Again, I didn’t really have any coupons and not much was on sale.   My limited pantry space has limited my savings.  BUT I spent about $66 this week so I’m starting to get CLOSER to my goal of $50/week.   This is the same grocery budget I’ve had for 3 years even though the price of groceries has almost doubled in that time.   Anyway, I bought:

Italian Sausage – $2.49/lb – 2 PKS – $6.25 total

Pancake Mix (Krusteaz) – $1.89

Pepperoni – $3.89

2 Banquet Sausage – $1.89 BOGO

Kaukauna Cheese Ball – $3.99

Olives – $1.95

Pickle Relish – $1.59

OJ – $3.99 – up $0.20 :(!

Hamburger Buns (none to be found at the WD!) – $2.99

Puczki – $4.49 — it’s not Fat Tuesday without Puczki!!!

Total Regular Price – $40.14

Total Sale Price – $33.02

Savings – 17%


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