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Frugal Friday – Where Do I Get Coupons?

If you’ve been wondering where I find all the coupons I use in my Coupon Craziness posts, this is your lucky day.

I get my primary coupons from a major metropolitian area Sunday newspaper.    There are 3 major brands of inserts — SuperSaver, RedPlum and the P&G Brandsaver.   When I was up north, that meant Detroit ($1.75 per paper).   Down here, I get the Miami Herald ($1.25 per paper – Sunday).    There are still coupons that I don’t get even by buying the paper in my area.    For extras, or for missing inserts, I go to (if you decide to sign up, please reference me as your referral — Jen Steed / jensteed.08 at gmail dot com).    They have whole inserts AND individual coupons.   I’ve also used CouponClippers in the past and they were good, too, but I prefer the WHOLE insert.   I feel I get more bang for my buck that way.   You can also bid on coupons, inserts and for specific products on Ebay.

There is also the world of Internet Printables (called IP’s on many couponing blogs).    Because of the incidence of fraud some stores will not accept them.   Walmart does and a call to the headquarters that they are not following policy seems to be doing the trick, last I heard.   The most common sites to get internet printable coupons are:

Also, as I mentioned in an earlier post, you can activate Upromise ecoupons.   These don’t take $$ off of your total, but they do deposit that amount of money into your Upromise account.    New coupons are released monthly.

You can also visit the forums at Hot Coupon World(HCW).   It has a spreadsheet of all the coupons available, where they were, how much they were for and when they expire.  It’s really useful when trying to make cheapies and freebies out of the sales at various places.

Coupons can also come from the manufacturer themselves (on their website), in blinkies (boxes on supermarket shelves that have a blinking red light on it), peelies (pads of coupons on grocery store shelves) or tags (coupons on packages of items themselves).   Some manufacturers also send out home mailers if you are on their lists.   People have also recommended sending a letter about how much you love their product and sometimes they give you coupons.    There are also coupons called Catalinas.   These print at registers of grocery stores when you purchase certain products.    HCW has information on how catalinas available at your stores.


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