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Publix Nibbles


So I finally found out what happens if you are assertive enough to point out that they charged you a price different from the sign.

I went to Publix yesterday to get bananas and some bagels for breakfast.   Sign said $2.99 / bag for bagels.   Check out listed them as $3.99.    Guy did some digging and saw the sign was left out from last weeks sale.    I got one free and the other two at the old sale price.  Neat!

Today, however, I had some major luck.   I was actually able to do a shopping trip EXACTLY as I planned it before I left.   They had everything I wanted and used all the coupons right.   I bought:

4 Pillsbury Pizza Dough Tubes, 6 Crescent Roll Tubes and 5 Garlic Breadstick Tubes.   All on sale for 3/$5.00.    15 items @ 3/$5 = $25.00.   Plus I used coupons — a $0.75/3 blinkie (collected a week or two ago before the box emptied), a $0.60/2 IP from the Pillsbury newsletter site, (4) $0.40/1 pizza dough, and (6) $0.25/1 Crescent Roll’s = $4.45 in Q’s.   PLUS there was a mail-in form in a Sunday insert a few weeks back where if you bought 15 participating items IN ONE TRIP from Publix, you get a $10 Publix Gift Card.    SO:   $25.00 on sale – $10 MIR – $4.45 MFG Q = $10.55 for 15.   Avg of $0.71 each.   Not bad for stuff that normally costs $2.50 each!!!

I also had some Q’s from my Baby Club new member packet that I used today.     They had the large refill packs of Huggies Wipes on sale for $5.99 and I got a $1.50 Store Q = $4.49.

AND Huggies Baby Soap was BOGO AND I had a BOGO Store Q so I got 2 for FREE!!!

And, not quite as cool, I needed some cheese for all the pizzas we will be making 🙂 – Sargento – 2/$4 – $0.50/2Q = 2/$3.50.   Not great, but not bad.

Total regular price – $60.43

Total Sale Price – $38.28

Total Coupons – $9.74

Total OOP – $28.54

Total MIR – $10.00

Trip Cost – $18.54

Savings – 69%!!

I think that’s my personal grocery store best!


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