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Coupon Craziness 5.5

Let me just start off by saying I HATE Florida pricing laws. I never realized it was different until I left Michigan. In Michigan you are required to put a price on EVERY item (except 25 or something like that). And if you are charged the wrong price, you have to fix it and then some.

In Florida, nothing is labeled. And it’s probably on the wrong hanger or over the wrong shelf tag. And the stores never put up their sale taggies in front of the items or take their sweet @$$ time doing it. It’s enough to make me go batty!!!

Okay, rant over. Today was a mixed bag.

First, I went to Publix. The Grocery Game (referral info: jensteed.08 at gmail dot com) had listed a great deal on Cover Girl lip gloss for $0.75 each. My Publix, however, doesn’t carry cosmetics. Talk about moving from Podunk to Podunk South.

Then I went to CVS.

I fared a little better there. I bought:

Huggies Wipes – 2/$5, less a $0.50/1Q = $2.00

Huggies Baby Soap -2/$5, less a $1.00/1Q = $1.50

Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash – $3.99 – $0.75/1Q – $1ECB = $2.24

Kotex Long Pantyliners (16ct) – $1.49 – $1.49/CRT = FREE!

Stinky Foot Powder Spray – $4.99

And finally, the basis of my rant, 12 Hershey Bars, 50% off for Valentines day. I THOUGHT I heard someone say they rang up at $0.25 yesterday, but what they SAID was $0.75. When I got out to the car and looked at the receipt and found out they were 3 times more than I thought, I couldn’t decide whether to take them back or not. $0.75 a bar? That’s almost full price! 50% off my butt!! Then in my pissivity, I opened one and started chowing away. They are a LOT bigger than normal. These bars were 3.5 oz each; normal bars are 1.45 oz. So I kept them :).

Total Regular Price – $44.59

Total Sale Price – $27.47

Less Coupons Used – $3.74

Total OOP – $23.73

Less ECB’s Earned – $22.73

Savings – 50%

I also made a quick stop at the WinnDixie. I don’t like it as much as the Publix (it’s dirty), but they have better sales. The Grocery Game also pointed out this deal that I got:

2 boxes of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes (12 oz) – on sale for $1.77 each – $1.50/2Q = $1.02/box.

Total Regular Price – $6.58

Total Sale Price – $3.54

Less Coupons – $1.50

Total OOP – $2.04

Savings – 69%


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