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Useful kitchenware in a minimal space

Now that we’ve been in the camper for about a month and we have settled into a routine, I am getting a good feel for what I NEED and what I don’t. I actually feel pretty good about most of what we packed.

First of all, when I originally packed, I thought we would be in a MUCH smaller camper so I invested in some collapsible essentials.

– mixing bowl
– strainer
– measuring cups

These have been invaluable. I’ve used the measuring cups and strainer a lot and used the mixing bowl to let pizza dough rise the other day.

If you are going to rely on the toaster oven (i.e. no microwave), ramekins are a must. I think ours are only 6-8 oz. but 10 oz. would be better.

These items have also earned their place in our kitchen:
– Bowls
– Storage bowls
– 2 qt. Saucepan with lid
– Wooden spoons, slotted & regular
– Hamburger flipper (or spatula, depending on your local usage)
– Silverware
– Cups
– Cutting boards (1 meat, 1 veggie)
– Meat thermometer
– butcher knife, paring knife & some other knife that usually comes with a set that I don’t know the name of

The jury is still out on these. I haven’t used them yet but everything I make is pretty simple:

– spatula
– adjustible measuring spoons
– steak knives
– wire wisk
– insulated cups
– gallon pitcher — too big

I did have a thing or two on my wish list.
– a silicon pastry brush. I keep wishing I had one and I had regular wood handled ones at home but always had problems getting the oil out.
– a 2 quart pitcher. It doesn’t need to seal tight like it would have had to in a cooler and it perfectly fits a packet of kook-aid without eating my whole fridge. I bought on last time we were on the mainland and am really glad we did.

Also, I determined that 2 absorbing towels are not enough. I bought a hot pad/towel set that had 2 absorbing towels (terry?) and 2 push-the-water-around towels (linen?). Not enough. I got a set of 3 absorbing/3 waffle weave last time we were on the mainland too. I’d say I’m glad but we haven’t been cooking much since we got back so it hasn’t been that big a deal. Yet! Also, lots of washcloths are good too. I went through as many as 6 one week, when we ate particularly greasy canned chili with our hot dogs.

I brought a few microfiber cleaning cloths but not nearly enough to use those exclusively to clean up our messes. I brought 3 and we generally still use a roll of paper towels every 2 weeks.

Aluminum foil and baggies have proved themselves highly useful in this warm, nomadic and child-filled existance. But only mildly. Baggie or no baggie things still go stale here–QUICKLY! The same day, even, only hour(s) later.

What do you find indespensible in YOUR small space?


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