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Packing it all in…

For our complete packing list, click here.   It’s hosted by Google Docs in its entirety.

I meant to get pics of all the last minute stuff that went in the van (there was a lot of it), but I never got that far.   To busy–we prepared to leave until 9 pm the night before!

That said here is all the stuff we packed into the camper.

Over the kitchen table:


This is where we keep all of our books, movies, craft stuff, paperwork, coupons, & miscellany.

The kitchen:


Above the stove is where the canned goods and spices are kept.


Above the sink are our dishes.


Under the sink is where we keep the electric frying pan, the crockpot, the electric kettle and a small amount of canned goods.   The drawers (the first is one of those “fake” ones), have the silverware & kitchen utensils, the linens and misc. junk.

Not pictured, under the stove, is another cabinet which perfectly fits the toaster oven.

There is a cabinet above the fridge which has things like cleaners, the dustpan, toolbox, etc. in it.


We weren’t sure how cold the nights would get so we packed lots of blankets.   Last night was the first time we used any of them since we stayed at the truck stop in Alabama.    Those, along with extra diapersand wipes are above the bed, packed tight:


Our clothes were the biggest deal.    I don’t know where they would have gone in the little camper.   They barely fit in this one– I had to buy a set of drawers for Al and Dagny as it is!

My closet:


I also have a drawer under my closet.   The other drawer is Dagny’s & the door under that is for extra shoes.   To the right of that is a junk drawer and I think the door under that will hold all the toys that are cluttering up the other surfaces.   It’s the only unclaimed space so far.


Al’s closet:


Here are the drawers that Al uses with the cabinet on top:


I guess my summary of this post is that the list linked above is a LOT of stuff and more meant for a larger camper OR being a minimalist in a small rental space/home.   If you were camping for a weekend, or even a week, you would not need as much as we brought.   I came prepared for being down here for the long hall – like 6 months or so.


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