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We set out after breakfast this morning to do laundry. I didn’t do it yesterday because it was Al’s birthday. As Al said, Google has failed us. We found 3 different laundromats, none of which existed anymore. After spending 45 minutes searching, we decided to drive the 30 minutes out to Big Pine Key because we at least know where that laundrymat was. Now we are stuck in traffic and have been for over 10 minutes and still haven’t made it to the laundrymat. What a way to spend a Saturday…


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  1. traveling the way you do must afford you the opportunty to see prices raise and lower on many products. This obviously must include laundry detergent, bleach, fabric softner and dryer sheets. You probably also have to lug it all into the laundromats making numerous trips back and forth to get the laundry, get the supplies…I know, because I used to have to do the same thing when I washed my clothes in public laundromats. I do have my own washer/dryer now, but I no longer pay the costs of those cleaning supplies because I utilize the BioWashBall. It weighs less than a pound and eliminates the need for detergents because it cleans the laundry…well, you decide for yourself by going to my blog okay? Sorry you spent such a terrible Saturday afternoon, but the laundry must be done, right!?

    Comment by Momma | January 19, 2009

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