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Our New Digs

Here is a pic of our new home/camper:

Our Camper

We think its 21 feet long because the model is the 210mb.   It’s a 1986 and it’s hard to believe that this caused us so many problems.

Thinking back, maybe all the problems weren’t necessarily a bad thing.   First of all, we REALLY appreciate all the space.  It makes living like this so much more bearable.   We really couldn’t have lived in the other one for as long as we will in this one without having to have most of our stuff outside or in the Airstream next door.   Neither are optimal solutions.

Also, the delays and PITA made it so we were in Ft Myers when Dagny was sick.   We would have been into a hotel for sure.   Either way, it was  better to have the delays and we are thankful for what we have.

Unlike the one we were going to use, this one has a bedroom, a bathroom with shower, and an oven–none of which the other one had.

The bedroom:


The kitchen:


The kitchen:


And the bathroom:


Please excuse the messes.   We are still finding homes for everything.    And believe it or not, we didn’t add a ton of stuff from our original list.   Yikes!


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