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Update on our Journey

We’ve been without internet (other than the iPhones which are NOT blogging friendly at the moment) since our last post.

Before we went to bed Saturday night, we had decided that we needed to get out of Michigan’s shadow and so we were going to leave the camper at a storage facility in Fort Wayne and get back on the road.   Al had found a place that was open Sunday at 10am, not far from where we were — 12 miles or so.   Instead, we would revert back to Al’s original idea to stay with Al’s parents and commute to the Keys a few days a week.

A mile from the storage facility, Al’s dad decided that he would try hauling the camper with HIS van.   Luckily, the exit for the storage facility had a Menards.   My MIL and I were looking at the Christmas clearance while they wired up the van to have trailer lights and such.   It was blowing like heck and was freezing cold.

We stoped at a gas station in Alabama somewhere and slept in the camper.   The main bed was surprisingly comfortable!   We must have ran out of battery because the heat wasn’t on that long and it was COLD.   But we got 6 hours of sleep so it wasn’t bad.    The trip itself took much longer than we had anticipated — we didn’t arrive in Ft. Meyers until 9:30pm.    The first estimate of ETA was 2:30pm.

The next day (Tuesday), Al took the van and camper to the Keys.    He came back Wednesday afternoon and yesterday we drove around Cape Coral after church.  We decided to go to the Keys to settle in on Monday.   Good thing, too–last night, Dagny had a pretty high fever.   It was not high enough to take her to the ER but high enough that even Al didn’t argue about giving her medicine for it.

So right now, we are in N Ft Meyers and will be here until Monday.   I will be posting more about our new home and way of life when we get there.


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